The Very Purpose of the Education is to strive to build an integrated personality accord between Thought, Word and Deed or between Head, Heart and Hand.

The general aim of the work education is the linkage of education with the world of work. Co-Scholastic Activities bridges the gap between work and education. This allows for closer linkages between theories learnt and skills acquired and their real life applications.

The following gives a picture of various disciplines provided in the school.

IX & X Music (Harmonium & Instrumental) Dance, Art & Craft, Language Club (Debate, Declamation, Quiz), Yoga, Science Club, Eco club, Volley Ball, Community Service, Badminton, Basket Ball, Cricket, Table-Tennis, Gardening.
VI - VIII Language Club (Extempore, Newspaper Reading, Public Speaking, Dramatics) Music (Vocal & Instrumental), Art & Craft, Taekwondo, Classical Dance, Yoga. Eco club, Science Club, Gardening, Basket Ball, Badminton, Cricket, Volley Ball, Community Service, Table-Tennis, Throw Ball.
I - V Language Club (Story Telling, News Paper Reading,Poetry Writing, Speech), Music (Vocal & Instrumental), Art & Craft, Taekwondo, Yoga, Classical Dance, Table-Tennis, Badminton, Kho-Kho, Skating.
Requests for changes in the middle of the session will not be entertained.